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Just Dance!

Our good friend told us about ‘Just Dance’ on Youtube and we have been having SO much fun with it!
Load the video and watch with delight as your students groove away!

We use it as a brain break, or after our students have been sitting at a long assembly.
It can also be used for sport on a rainy day, or as a reward.

Some dances do require you to put students into rows (like they are line dancing). If there is more than one character on the screen, you can assign parts to the students, so they are following the different people.
If you have a kindergarten class, this is a must! It is hilarious and so darn cute, all at the same time!

Do be careful, and watch the videos you plan on playing at home first – you may not like the lyrics (Think Gangnam Style’s ‘sexy ladies’), and some are a bit dull with the music or dance moves.
Our favourites are:
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Under The Sea
Cotton Eye Joe
Wild, Wild West
Gummy Bear Song
I like To Move It

(Try searching ‘Just Dance Kids’ on Youtube too)

Enjoy, and you are welcome for the tip!


Click N Colour

We love the Art Outline colouring pages, but it seems EVERY school has them, and whenever there is some free time, or a class split, students do the same pictures over and over! You know the ones – the Aboriginal animals, or dinosaurs, or butterflies with all the little spaces to colour.

We’ve found a new site with trendy, fun, intricate designs: ClickNColour by Debbie Neale.

There are hearts, stars, swirls, peace signs, etc! A lot more exciting, if you ask us!

Our absolute favourite is the pattern alphabet. Once downloaded, you can change the size of the letters, and make display signs, tote tray labels, or even personalised colouring sheets.

It is called ClickNColour because you can also decorate the pictures and letters using the Paint program on your computer. Debbie has a tutorial on her website to show you how (it is super easy!)


She hasĀ given us an Australian Flag colouring sheet for our freebie section!