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Spot It Educational Card Game

Have you played Spot It?!
It is our all-time favourite game!
You grab 2 cards and work out what picture is the same on both.

It will seriously blow your mind trying to come up with how there is a matching picture on any 2 cards that you grab, doesn’t matter the order!
It’s about $18 to buy (we even play it with our adult friends)… and now they’ve just released an education series with letters, numbers or sight words!

“The circular cards feature illustrations, numbers, letters and sight words, and
there is always one-and only one-matching symbol between any two cards. Players
search for the match and spot it to win, while building letter, number and shape
recognition and reading comprehension.



Sign Language Resource

Our classes find Auslan (the Australian Sign Language) really interesting.

Whether you have a hearing impaired child, or just want to introduce your students to something new, you may consider Auslan.

There are so many resources available out there, and many youtube clips to get you started.

Children get joy, excitement and fun out of it, as well as using a new skill.

We love this poster, available from here. We use the poster as a Spelling Station during literacy group time.