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Class Cover and The Casual Teacher Network

An exciting new discovery by Teacher Brain is *Class Cover!*

This is an online booking system for casual teachers. Schools upload their
list of preferred casual teachers and can add new ones who apply to work at
their school.

To book teachers, they log in and enter how many casual or relief teachers
they require, and the clever system finds the casuals! Schools can
prioritise who they want called/sms-ed and can also search the system for
new casuals in the local area.

It saves schools (and the poor teacher in charge of making the early morning phone calls!) so much time and stress. Class Cover can be working while you drive to school and it offers a free trial!

There are over 400 primary, high and Catholic schools currently using Class Cover.

Casual teachers can create FREE online profiles with their information and qualifications so they can be matched to local schools.

To create a free profile or school trial, click here!

They can then upgrade to The Casual Teacher Network. This upgrade is where a small annual fee is paid and it offers discounts to and notifies of MANY Professional Learning Opportunities (that normally don’t come about when relief teachers are not attached to a school and is vital for maintaining Accreditation). There are also discounts to many different educational businesses. The annual fee pays for itself in the numerous offers available!

We loved the idea so much, we asked to be part of this wonderful initiative, and are happy to offer 20% off Teacher Brain memberships to anyone who has joined The Casual Teacher Network.

For a limited time offer and to see what amazing discounts are available at CTN, click here!